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3D Puzzle

Ambient, Exploration

3rd Person, Single Player

Joystick Game

PC, Console


There was once a band living and playing harmonious, jazzy tunes in a great forest. The band consisted of a wild drummer,  a poetic pianist, an introvert bassist and a female lead singer who had a voice that would illuminate the world and heal every broken heart.

They called themselves; "The Forest Quartet." A band of outsiders that were only heard by the silent life of the forest.  

All was good until tragedy struck the band and a car crash took the life of the singer. The sorrow and despair split up the band and allowed evil forces to root in the forest since there was no longer music to protect it. In the heavens, the lead singer looked down and saw the misery growing in her beloved forest. She decided there was nothing better for her to do than to go back in "spirit" form and try to get the band, back together! 


Play in two unique modes; Spirit mode / Band mode


In Band mode, you play the bandmembers trapped in their homes while tormented by evil machines.

In Spirit mode, you play the singer freeing the bandmembers from torment as you destroy the machines.


- Each machine is a puzzle you have to solve.
- By destroying the machines, you give back the courage to the band so they may play together again!

The evil forces are represented as machines that are sucking out the life of the forest. Each machine is Unique in the way its made.

The puzzle lies in figuring out how to deactivate the machines using your power. 



You have the power of voice. Use the singers voice by moving an analog stick. The singer will sing a different note depending on the direction you move the stick.

When singing you can move special objects and in the Spirit World. The objects will move in different directions depending on the note you sing. - See examples below


The Forest Quartet is being developed by Mads Vadsholt in Viborg, Denmark. 

Mads has a degree Computer Graphics Art from The Animation Workshop and is a self-taught game designer and music composer.

He has worked on game titels such as;

Lost Tracks


See you on the other side

Throughout the development, The Forest Quartet have received technical and artistic support from:

Gamebra.in, Decochon, Long Hat House,  Bastian Strube, Jonathan Van Hove, Oscar Louw, Milan Grajetzki, Morten Dalgaard Andersen, Gian Dbeis, Tazio Cooligde, Bjørn Jespersen, Anders Nord, Juliette Viger & many more. 

Production Status

The story, art style and main mechanics have been almost fully developed. 

However, The Forest Quartet is still far from ready to be released.



A story is made.

Concept Development & Prototyping begins.

The Forest Quartet gets a seat at 

Arsenalet Game Incubator. 



The Forest Quartet gets a spot at the accelerator programs 

Stugan & Nippon Nordic.

A demo has been made.

The Forest Quartet gets to be exhibited at the NGJ’s Public Showcase